Efforts to tackle Xining started the battle of the city

Located in the underdeveloped areas, and is the capital city of Xining, poverty alleviation, is definitely a tough battle: the three counties, Huangzhong, Datong and Huangyuan are poor county; there are 90% poor villagers live in shallow brainmountain region; rural poverty here, Alexander goushen, bad weather traffic inconvenience…… One side of the soil is difficult to feed a person. But to fully into a moderately prosperous society, we must not let any one village, any one family behind.

in order to make Xining comprehensive well-off, the municipal government solemnly promises to make the city’s 76 thousand poor people a year ahead of poverty, poor areas and other areas of synchronous well-off. To this end, Xining leading cadres at all levels, departments and industries, to win the battle of poverty as a top priority, in order to "dry in reality in the forefront, the spirit of the guidelines, Lulitongxin in accordance with the" refined, accurate and practical "principle, to work together to complete the task of poverty alleviation.

the task in hand, Time will not wait for me. Xining pull out of poverty "hand", tougher, more targeted, more direct and more sustainable measures in precise poverty alleviation, precise poverty under great efforts!

I to poverty alleviation and development work priority among priorities, to work in rural areas are real, and do practical things. Driven by a series of poverty alleviation and development of key projects, the city’s poor population decreased from 306 thousand and 700 in 2011 to 112 thousand in 2015, the per capita net income of farmers in three counties increased from 6154.5 yuan to 9487.4 yuan, poor areas of education, health care, housing, employment, social security and other public services has improved significantly, transportation, water conservancy, electricity and for drinking water and other infrastructure conditions continue to improve. Poverty alleviation and development work in the forefront of the province.

to the general Village Township, was a poor village outside the village girl killed not marry "". To change the appearance of the village, on the foundation of forest tenure reform, funded by the government led the villagers to invest in the development of forest economy, the establishment of general village forestry and animal husbandry cooperatives, farmers and cooperatives to achieve common development pattern. Today, the village chicken in woodland runningabout, rhubarb, Radix Paeoniae Alba, Radix Angelicae Sinensis and other Chinese herbal medicines by woods, these generals village to bring 6000 yuan per capita income benefit.

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