300 famous enterprises gathered in the city will meet

, the central city of the rising river source, is attracting more and more attention from Chinese famous enterprises and famous entrepreneurs with more and more powerful "heartbeat" in Xining. In 2013 Xining city will discuss the development of investment, Hongkong Yi Tak Holdings, Guangdong materials group, Jiangsu Albert construction group and a number of well-known domestic enterprises gathered in Xining, they signed a development agreement or investment, or have the intention of study.

reporter from the 2013 city fair Executive Committee was informed that the city invited to participate in the business of up to more than 1 thousand and 400 people, participants in the enterprise of more than 1 thousand, of which well-known enterprises of up to more than and 300. These big companies will start the construction of a number of large projects in our city, including Hongkong Yi Tak Holdings Group intends to build a modern logistics in Hong Kong, Guangdong Materials Group will develop a modern logistics park, Jiangsu Albert Construction Group plans to participate in a city of large city complex building, Xinhua Department store for construction in Datong County large department stores, Zhuang and real estate and the mall will be fair held in the Lake District in the RBD (recreational business district) development forum……

well-known enterprises focus on Xining, gathering Xining, and in recent years, the development of the city’s passion can not be separated. Focus on building Xining into the eastern part of Qinghai city center city group of the objectives and requirements, the municipal government to determine the idea of the construction of city prosperity depends on industry, by construction, beautiful livable by management ", the implementation of a number of key industrial projects, completed a new round of city construction, land use planning, unremittingly increase the investment of urban and rural construction, Xining city space significantly expanded economic society has achieved rapid development, economic indicators, total investment in fixed assets, fiscal revenue has maintained two digit growth, the change in urban and rural areas face hitherto unknown. To invest in Xining has a good prospect, is the main reason to attract many companies to Xining. The current fair, the city is to highlight the main position of the participating enterprises, directly for all types of investors, enterprises, face to face promotion projects. During the preparatory meeting of the City Council, the municipal Party committee and government to build a platform for investment and willingness to invest in enterprises, which makes local enterprises excited, but also to learn the news of foreign companies are full of confidence in the investment. (author: small words)