A gust of wind sail brilliant Yong forefront write Hubei report of west area of reform and develo

this is an ancient land, more than 1600 years ago, the southern cold Wang Tufa lonely lonely here parade one hundred thousand. The history of the stage curtain, the interpretation of the thousands of years of pastoral defeat, suffering from "discarding" days spoiled.

this is a full of vitality of the land, when the Huangshui River and river kylin at the intersection of the 56.9 square kilometers of the vast fertile land, which outlines the earliest contour shape.

this is a burst of passion and vitality of the land, the traditional and modern history and fashion blend in here, in here, now, here is gradually become the most developed city for the province’s financial, tourism and trade.

– this is the West District of Xining city.

since the Party Congress held in the west area of the western development and the construction of the new Qinghai historic opportunity, keep pace with the times, development space and make full use of geographical advantages and richly endowed by nature with great potential, continue to promote the construction of "leapfrog development, green development, harmonious development, harmonious development, accelerating scientific research administrative office area" and the best residential environment of modern service industry and the core area of the building process, enhance the leading science and education, trade developed, infrastructure facilities, beautiful environment and pleasant atmosphere, humanity, harmony, community construction and public service system in urban and rural areas and improve the security mechanism and other powerful advantages and rising trend, become a modern new city set scientific research, culture, education, finance, commerce, tourism and information communication as a whole, opened in Xining City A bright window opening.

economic development to create a miracle in the West

development is the last word. In recent years, the leading cadres at all levels of the Western District of the concept of continuous change, spare no effort to inject new elements into the west this piece of land: Science and technology, production methods, productivity…

with the sonorous pace of scientific development, step by step of economic and social development of West Area: regional economic comprehensive strength, walking in the forefront of the city, the industrial structure to achieve economic transformation, to achieve leapfrog development, opening up the historic breakthrough in the development of urban and rural development, to make substantial progress, people’s sense of happiness and pride, sense of security is greatly improved……

numbers speak. Throughout the main economic indicators of the West District, showing a rapid growth in 2011, the economic development of the industry strides forward. The annual GDP reached 12 billion 800 million yuan, an increase of 14%; belonged to the completed investment in fixed assets 2 billion 900 million yuan, an increase of 31%; the local general budget revenue reached 580 million yuan, an increase of 32%. For the provincial special funds 151 million yuan per capita disposable income of urban residents reached $17078, an increase of 10.5%. The per capita net income of farmers reached 10608 yuan, an increase of 12%; total retail sales of social consumer goods 7 billion 200 million yuan, an increase of 16%; increase investment, to achieve customers 1 billion 490 million yuan of funds in place, the province, the actual funds 492 million yuan.