How long the Wei Jian also block the way

Sea Lake Road billboard trash pile.

Bowen Road Street put garbage bucket.

Nanchuan Road No. 133 Hospital of the dead garbage.

Yangjiazhai village in aqua.

Chaoyang ditch serious garbage dump phenomenon.

diligent Lane Cordyceps market there are garbage dead.

Fu Lu Xiang No. 52 hospital garbage tank overflow serious.

nine Bay Village burning garbage.

Jian Wei is at a critical juncture!


July 11th "the meet to review the National Health City sprint mobilization" held four mobilize quickly to concentrate on the standard look bad, increase the implementation of the rectification, carry forward the spirit of Chuangwei, quickly set off a new round of architectural review climax. However, the individual parts of the rectification is still not in place, from July 11th to July 14th, the City Patriotic Sanitation in building and sanitary inspections found that there are still outstanding problems of city sanitation, catering industry, urban village, urban high, market management, the situation is not optimistic. According to Ai Wei office responsible person, at present, our city will usher in the construction of patriotic trial, but as these problems and a repeated repeated stumbling block, seriously affected our city construction achievements of wei. To ensure that the construction of the patriotic pass smoothly, four areas still need cheering, confidence, overcome difficulties.

city environment

do not let the dead garbage into a problem of

said: the city patriotic sanitation sanitation is establishment of the basic work but on the two day inspections, there are still a large number of problems in the specific performance: the dead garbage investigation is not thorough, solve the problem completely, daily cleaning is not in place.

East District:

– after the founding of the Republic of China Road advertising trash dead.

– hard Lane Jeeves serious, there are dead garbage Cordyceps market.

– Lower South Gate Street, Jeeves, the spontaneous formation of the market, as well as live poultry slaughter, cleaning in place cleaning.


* mine built 21 hospitals in the market is not standardized, dumping garbage everywhere.

– Nanchuan Road No. 133 north are dead garbage.

– Fu Lu Xiang No. 52 hospital garbage tank overflow is serious, many things, not completely solved.

– the existence of a large number of garbage dump on both sides of the road on both sides.

West District:

– victory road there are still many stalls selling random number.

– Xing Hai Road, the east side of the demolition site is not standardized, the site has a living garbage dead.