Four major projects to accelerate the construction of the rule of law

With the advance of administering District, West District, in 2015 will focus on promoting the development of the system of governance and governance capacity modernization requirements, innovative governance, stimulate social vitality, establish a sound long-term mechanism of urban governance, the rule of law to promote the overall construction of the west.

to accelerate the transformation of government functions, promote the government administration according to law, standardize the operation of the administrative power in the west area of "rule of law construction of West" as a guide, the implementation of the rule of law government construction, to improve the ability of using government thinking and the rule of law, social management services to lay the foundation for the masses. Implementation of the "sunshine village" project, through the establishment of village level financial agency service center, a comprehensive inventory of rural funded, to further standardize and improve the democratic supervision mechanism, to ensure that the village public power transparent sunshine.

at the same time, the implementation of community projects to enhance the quality, through a combination of community committees general, strengthen the education and training of "two committees" members of the public, improve the community sports fitness facilities, strengthen the "home of the disabled" and "sunset red" construction, build community service "fifteen minutes" circle of convenience measures such as improving the community cadres the comprehensive quality and ability of community service. The implementation of the new social affairs management engineering sea lake, through the establishment of district offices and public service center, the city to carry out cleaning, municipal management, convenient services, efficient and high-quality and convenient services for the lake district residents, the establishment of scientific functions, coordinated operations, fair and transparent, clean and efficient management pattern.