Audit department will audit the focus of the public is to expand domestic demand and livelihood fund

this year, the Audit Department of Xining will continue to attach importance to the relationship between people’s livelihood audit, while the eight provisions of the community to accept the supervision of the community, with the people to complete the audit of the livelihood issues related to the project.

February 18th, the staff of Xining Municipal Audit Bureau, this year, Xining Municipal Audit Bureau will continue to strengthen the audit supervision on agriculture, education and social security and other special funds and project funds to expand domestic demand, highlighting the concern and attention of the masses of hot and difficult problems and the relationship between people’s livelihood project audit. At the same time, also formulated the provisions of the eight: not allowed to use the auditees transportation, communication tools and other office conditions for matters unrelated to the audit work; were not allowed to participate in the audit unit to arrange the banquet, tourism, entertainment and fun activities; not in the audited units because of the public private reimbursement for any expenses are not allowed to be audited; to promote the sale of any goods or services are not allowed to use the audit authority; or knowledge of the business secrets of the auditees and internal information, for themselves and others for profit etc..

Xining Municipal Audit Bureau staff, this eight is not allowed to be announced to the public, I hope all sectors of the community together, with the people to do a good job of auditing, play the role of economic guards.