Careful shop fire for customers

for careful two words, different owners will have a different understanding, some shopkeepers will regard this as a criterion, some shopkeepers do not pay too much attention to. The shop operators who know, do business in good faith as the guidelines, but also can not be less detail services. In this regard, I have been insisting on such business ideas: empathy with customers, always thinking about the needs of customers, the heart and then a little bit more, for the customer to think a little more.

walked into my shop, and I first saw an opinion book, an indoor thermometer, a calendar that was refurbished every day and a handwritten weather forecast.

students to buy school supplies, I will send them a "how to care for the eyes, how to protect the teeth," the small stickers. Spare time, I will put some tips into an easy jingle, students will soon be able to remember, it makes me feel particularly pleased.

community chess in the elderly more often to buy chess. I will let the old pieces of broken old players. And when the elderly then missing pieces, I am here to have a free "substitute" pieces to them.

summer, I will from the pharmacy to buy Rendan, cool oil, some people feel uncomfortable, I am free to them. In autumn, I will collect some leaves, for people with high blood pressure to drink water. In addition, I also in some hawthorn, one yuan a bag, can be soaked in water to drink, you can also put a few slices in the stew, make the meat easier to stew.

chat, the old lady complained, quilting with needlework, closer to home can not buy. Unintentionally, listener. Soon, I store a large needle needle, various axis, hairpin, rubber band, elastic band, a will be put on the shelves. Customers often half jokingly said: "the old Shen, you quickly into" Wanquan shop "."

to store into a warm place to visit customers, is to the satisfaction of all things. In addition, often see yijianbu, to look in the mirror, pick a prick, talk to other than a cigarette and liquor vendor, give yourself scoring, see what needs to be improved.

a lot of times, the difference between the different shops is reflected in the various details of the above. If a store wants to get more customer recognition, naturally need to do more detailed work. To see the truth, must discreet for customers. It is precisely because I did so many details of the work, so that my shop in the local popularity is very high, a lot of consumer recognition, business is very hot.