2015 city state provincial government departments industrial parks and counties urban performanc

in accordance with the provisions of Qinghai Province, "performance appraisal methods (for Trial Implementation)" (green hair [2010] No. 8), the city of the state, the 39 provincial government departments, the 3 industrial parks and the 39 counties (urban) performance evaluation. In accordance with the evaluation criteria and evaluation procedures, the provincial inspection leading group to consider and report to the Provincial Standing Committee for approval, the results of the 2015 annual results are as follows:

a, outstanding performance in 3 areas, good area of 5

first group

outstanding areas: East Sea city

good area: Xining, Haixi state

second group

excellent area:

, Hainan

: good area of Haibei Prefecture

third group

excellent area:

, Yushu

good, Huangnan, Guoluo Region:

two, outstanding performance of the Department of the 9, a good Department of 30

first group

excellent Department: Provincial Development and Reform Commission

good department: Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission (SASAC), the Provincial Department of finance, the Provincial Department of land and resources

second group

excellent Department: Provincial Department of transportation

good department: provincial housing and urban construction department, the Provincial Department of Commerce, the provincial environmental protection department

third group

excellent Department: Provincial Department of agriculture and animal husbandry

good department: Provincial Water Resources Department, the provincial forestry department, the provincial poverty alleviation Bureau, the Provincial Federation of supply and marketing cooperatives

fourth group

excellent Department: provincial health and Family Planning Commission

good department: Provincial Department of education, provincial science and Technology Department, the provincial food and Drug Administration

fifth group

excellent Department: Provincial Sports Bureau

good department: Provincial Press and Publication office, provincial radio and Television Bureau, the Provincial Tourism Bureau

sixth group

excellent Department: Provincial Civil Affairs Department

good department: human resources and social security department, the provincial finance office, provincial civil air defense

seventh group

Good department: Department of justice

good department: Provincial People’s Committee, the provincial public security department, the provincial security department, the Provincial Foreign Affairs Office

eighth group

excellent Department: Provincial Land Tax Bureau

good department: Provincial Trade and Industry Bureau, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau, the Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau

ninth group

excellent Department: provincial government office

good department: Provincial Audit Office, the Provincial Bureau of statistics, the provincial government legislative affairs office, the Qinghai Lake Scenic Area Authority

three, outstanding performance of the industrial park of 1, a good industrial park of 2

excellent industrial park: Xining (national level) economic and Technological Development Zone

good industrial park: Qaidam circular economy pilot area,;