Adult college entrance examination in 2016 October 29th test

10 27, the reporter from the provincial examination management center was informed that in 2016 the national adult college entrance examination will be held on October 29th, on the 30 day of the two. The total number of the province’s 9567, a decrease of more than last year, 1175. A total of 21 test sites, 22, a total of 353 test.

examination of the province’s 22 test sites are all arranged in the standardized examination room, the Ministry of education, the province, the test site of the three network monitoring. Zhaoban will also be on the province’s examination of the 353 video surveillance by province video surveillance platform, effectively play the three level platform monitoring. At the same time, the district Zhaoban equipped with high-tech anti cheating equipment shielding instrument and metal detectors, the strict implementation of the "four control", the investigation of the examination to false identification, false admission exam candidates, civil air defense, anti technology measures to guard against the phenomenon of cheating, training, authority and fairness effectively safeguard national education examination.

to create a good test environment, the province Zhaoban, various areas were also set up telephone hotlines, and in the exam to the society for publication. Pay close attention to kaofengkaoji, requirements of each test area of the candidates and examination staff in the examination of various violations, serious treatment in accordance with the "national education examination violations approach" and related regulations. On the organization of cheating, buying and selling examination questions, such as cheating and cheating to help cheating, suspected of committing a crime, transferred to judicial organs, in accordance with the criminal law of People’s Republic of China (Amendment nine), etc..