2015 Xining Xining the two sessions of the four districts of the county have flashed a list of th

February 3rd, Xining mayor Wang Yubo made the government work report to the people of the city to pay a satisfactory answer to the Xining". In the group discussion, excited the district and county delegation, full of confidence and passion for the development of Xining, from infrastructure construction to let the children go to school, "zero burden" open up the broken road from the supermarket to create employment and entrepreneurship"…… Have flashed a list of people’s livelihood in 2015.

with a new location in the downtown area to create dynamic

in the area around the new southern city ecological construction environment, livable industry public service center and the core business district, the New District, re positioning to create vitality "people’s livelihood, strong radiation and ecological change, promote industrial upgrading, the government functions, to ensure the healthy development of social economy. – City People’s Congress, mayor Shi Xin District

[key projects]

to promote the "four sides" green projects, things two mountain greening projects.

implementation of water conservancy facilities renovation and comprehensive improvement of river environment.

to carry out the home round landscaping action to create urban boutique green streetscape.

in the old city, the construction of the headquarters of the economy, business, hotel as one of the regional business center.

focus on the development of modern logistics, finance and insurance, e-commerce and other related service industries in Nanchuan axis.

in the south of the city, to speed up the development of Traders Hotel, leisure, tourism and vacation projects.

[Huimin initiatives]

to solve the masses to see a doctor, their children to school, social security and other aspects of the work. Plans to implement the City District Welfare Service Center, the construction of 17 rural mutual happiness hospital for the region to provide home care services for the elderly over the age of 60. Construction of the "three parks" headquarters economy building in the urban area. Focus on the construction of a total of modern agricultural demonstration park and the southern vegetable wholesale market, to protect the market supply.

East 109 key projects collective force

2015, Chengdong district will focus on building the province’s passenger business center and the future to create a new landmark of Xining, the development orientation of open east ", pay close attention to the train station small commodity area, Jianguo Road commercial area, rhyme ieguchi area construction, the implementation of education layout adjustment, ecological civilization construction, urban infrastructure construction and public service the people’s livelihood, security and other areas of 109 key projects. – Municipal People’s Congress, East District mayor He Mingxing

[key projects]

efforts to promote the demolition and transformation of key areas, such as the construction of the East Forest lane road planning, urban greening, lighting and micro landscape to create a comprehensive implementation;