Opening of the second international cultural and Arts Festival

The morning of July 17th, the central square big stage people crowded before, by the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, municipal civilization office, sponsored by the Bureau of Shi Wen "I said, I sing, I practice" — Xining city to cultivate and practice the socialist core value activities and the second session of the public culture and Art Festival opening ceremony held here. Municipal Committee, publicity minister, Wang Haihong, chairman of the Municipal Federation of trade unions, municipal people’s Congress deputy director Wang Yanming attended the opening ceremony.

and is completely different from the past, the public culture and Art Festival opening ceremony and announced the opening of the speech are ordinary citizens, from the details to pass out of the culture and Art Festival is really belongs to the public holiday, where every ordinary citizen is the protagonist. Mr Liang Yongfang walked on stage is very excited, she said: "at this moment, I feel like everyone is full of gratitude and look forward to, because this stage today belongs to every one of our audience, the majority of people are living in this land of our presence will be in the form of art here at the same time we show, full of passion, expressing his joy and to the city of gratitude in this special way, heritage of Chinese civilization, promote new healthy trends, gather positive mental strength!"

"I said, I sing, I practice" — Xining cultivate and practice the socialist core values activities and the second public cultural festival with "good good tutor · · good tradition" as the theme, to explore Chinese excellent ideas of traditional culture, famous celebrities show excellent tradition family motto, tells the story of Xining the most beautiful family deeds show ordinary people a harmonious family life, to cultivate and practice the socialist core values as the basis, in addition to the opening ceremony, will be held in the family story, "sing the melody of the times & middot; showing the family style of Qinghai local folk performances and the second session of the Qinghai Han folk song contest," opera sung good tradition "fancier concert, large-scale Symphony" forever monument "," do not forget national humiliation · Dream China "series of performances, "My heart’s core values," essay recitation contest "my heart" home "" children’s painting exhibition, "the most beautiful" home "citizens" photography exhibition, "good family" contest, "the most beautiful family", "cultural exhibition Xining · scholarly xiadou" national reading activities the closing ceremony and awards ceremony and other activities 14. Activities at the end of August, for more than a month.