Model around to tell stories to residents

The day before, the west area of Taiwan City Street Party committee held a lecture of view of people practice the socialist core value of ancient Taiwan people listen to stories to promote new healthy trends ", 5 people invited on the podium in people around the moral model, to experience touch others. On the eve, West District, Taiwan City Street Party committee to carry out a wide range of moral model contest in various communities and units in the street and the area of the masses of people in the community, in the street units and the masses of people elected, for public comment, selected the 7 ancient city of Taiwan moral model, and they were the recognition of. 5 the moral model was invited into the classroom to tell the people, the masses of people experience, share feelings, face to face, heart of the exchange, let people accept education in listening to exemplary deeds, to the moral model as an example, in order to improve their moral qualities, good society Zonta goodness and when the spirit power to create a civilized social atmosphere. Activities, the street party committee also organized the area of the masses of the glory and the dream and other Chinese dream songs were sung, singing their dreams and aspirations of the beautiful Chinese dream. It is understood that, in order to promote and practice the socialist core values, the West District launched a map of our values and other content rich, diverse forms of promotional activities. At the same time, the district is also in the area of moral lecture as a platform, let the good side stand on the podium, with their deeds infected area of the masses, to the jurisdiction of the masses, taste extraordinary story feeling the moral strength, continuous positive energy transfer.