The Spring Festival in Guizhou to help migrant workers

Spring Festival to a lot of migrant workers have already set foot on the journey back home, but there are still some migrant workers stranded in the railway station! The morning of January 23rd, GuiYang Railway Station station square, Guizhou Provincial Federation of trade unions "migrant workers safe return service post", the staff of Guizhou Provincial Federation of trade unions is to explain the return of migrant workers union to carry out "the student" application method. From January 19th onwards, Guizhou province above the county level in the jurisdiction of the railway station, railway stations and other places, the simultaneous establishment of more than and 100 migrant workers return home safely".

Guizhou how to help migrant workers return home? Through the above reports, we can see that Guizhou has adopted a series of measures to provide a warm heart, travel grants, medicines and other services for migrant workers, migrant workers can have temporary help to help, activities will continue to 27. It is understood that the activities carried out more than 8 years, the majority of workers and volunteers, migrant workers return home safe service post for the total number of migrant workers to return to the service of more than 1 million people, a total investment of $about 8000000.

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