Chongqing how to stimulate the vitality of innovation and entrepreneurial

in "public entrepreneurship, innovation" of the call, many go on the road of entrepreneurship, but due to many subjective and objective factors that lead some people to stagnate in business on the road, so how to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurial activity? Become a major problem facing the current entrepreneurial road! Chongqing Shapingba district government said today that the region through the implementation of the four batch of initiatives, the release of innovative entrepreneurial vitality, specific measures and the following Xiaobian together to understand.

one is to cultivate a group of creative team. The establishment of venture capital investment guide, the introduction of venture capital companies, the establishment of market mechanisms to stimulate innovation vitality of the capital markets, foster the formation of more than 300 GP (general partner) team or innovative enterprises.

two is to build a batch of incubation carrier. To build the whole industry incubator system business incubator nursery + + accelerator + Industrial Park, building D+M waves made public record home workshop, E Incubation Platform 30, 3 incubation platform was selected into national public record space.

three is a group of high-tech. Improve the "double promotion hit talent mechanism, the introduction of more than 540 scientific innovation talents, the shortage of leading talent 15 people, the national people plan expert 3 people, the million patent 32.27, 3 scientific and technological achievements by the national science and technology awards conference.

four is the formation of a number of "double" results. How to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurial activity in Chongqing? Through the above introduction, we can see that the four measures taken by the relevant departments, I hope these measures in the coming year, can play a significant effect. The establishment of the "double fund" to guide the whole society to R& D investment accounted for over 2.8%, 32 new high-tech enterprises, new venture project more than 1 thousand and 800, the new development of the market subject 533 million 840 thousand.

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