Chop snack business skill

food and beverage business is easy, difficult to operate. A lot of investors invested a lot of money in the early stages of brand investment, but because it does not pay attention to the end of the business can only end up a fiasco. Today, we will chop shop for everyone to introduce how to operate the ribs snack bar.

how to operate a snack bar? Ribs snack shop management skills are as follows:

1, the type of operation can not be too much miscellaneous

otherwise it will make your snack bar does not seem to feature, but also virtually increase the workload of the kitchen, and make the whole snack bar becomes difficult to operate. There are two options: one is a snack shop only a class of operation types of snacks, meals or operation, or operation operation or noodles, pasta; another is the operation of certain types of food based, supplemented by other two kinds of local run. A snack bar must not be what kind of business are all things to all men, all together, most types of about 20 is enough. By the way, if a snack store meals or pasta, the best of several operators at the same time and provide some free vegetable soup.

2, fitting to have modern features

is a fast modern operation form, so the Chinese snack shop decoration, shop and kitchen equipment, should show the characteristics of modernization. Chinese snack shop decoration should adopt simple style, bright color, give customers feel a relaxed; cover the card tables and chairs tables and chairs can be used western-style snack shops, such as rich sense of the times, and the maximum days with shop limited space; the kitchen should also try to made of stainless steel materials the kitchen equipment, to the customer in a clean impression.

3, to have my own set of operations management methods

small Chinese snack shop management summed up just a few words, that is to choose the right boss snack type, choose snack shop location, good snack shop decoration and snack shop equipment installed, then you will find a few chefs and kitchen workers to do the kitchen, find a few attendants to do foreroom and let them do my work every day, and finally of course is the boss personally.

4, to adhere to the convenience and fast and clean and healthy image


is the kitchen chef, or the front office staff, must be skilled movements are fast, in order to meet customers come to eat, eating away the demand. All the staff should not only understand the division of labor, but also to cooperate with each other, so as to achieve the overall quick results. Snack shop, furniture, tableware, Kitchenware and so must be diligent cleaning staff should always pay attention to personal hygiene, anyway to keep warm and clean – > snack bar