The car shop location skills which all

living standards continue to improve, also let people buy a car number more, the development of related industries is even more popular now, people’s life has been greatly improved, a lot of people in order to facilitate travel, to buy my own car. The increase in the number of cars, but also to promote the development of automotive supplies store, a lot of entrepreneurs, they chose to open the car shop. But the car shop, want to bring good business, is also very important for the choice of shops. So, how to choose the start auto shop shop.

for automotive supplies store, the location is the key to success or failure. Open a car supplies supermarket site should pay attention for the system. Choose a place of business and business content and potential customers of all walks of life are closely related, have different characteristics and consumer objects, lots of gold is not the only choice, some shops opened in the downtown area is not open business in a particular area of some relatively remote. So we must determine the best place to shop according to different business sectors and projects, to choose the appropriate store, not the bustling place better, the key is to suit for.

would like to open a car supplies supermarket stores located in the city or the second ring, three ring and even around the city of Victoria is a commercial success of the location of the guarantee, and in contrast, the business district than the impact of a single commercial building. From the convenience of transportation, rail transport, public transport are developed naturally bring more popularity. Old business district Xidan, Wangfujing will have these traffic advantages.

now there are a lot of investors one-sided view, closer to the main road traffic location better. In fact, the opposite is true, the best location for business must not be in the main road, because it is equivalent to more than a natural traffic isolation belt." Do you want to open a car shop? If a project is in the intersection of Ring Road and the side of a trunk (a corner of the four corners), then two road opposite to it in the direction of people with the passing, to reach the project must be around two roads. As a result, it seems that the actual location of the gold is actually a business location of the chicken ribs".

in addition to accessibility, reasonable traffic organization and parking facilities are also increasingly concerned about. A lot of automotive supplies store location is excellent, but parking is unreasonable or parking shortage, it will cut off a lot of consumers, these are the need to consider the location of the business."

rapid development of the automotive industry, automotive supplies make follow booming, want to start it is worth considering the industry, business car shop, for the choice of shops, we must pay more attention to. A good store location, to be able to bring more consumers, if the flow of people around less, then there is no business. I hope everyone in the shop, can pay more attention to the choice of shops.

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