Haze age how to ensure the safety of drinking water in Shenyang gradually stop using groundwater N

in this winter let us bear in mind is not the temperature, but the atmosphere of severe haze phenomenon, which not only affects our health, but also to ensure that the basic water security can not be guaranteed! Shenyang Dahuofang reservoir diversion into the two phase of the project will enter the tender stage, the project is expected to be completed within two years. After the completion of the project will also make part of drinking water Hunnan District, Tiexi district and other residents eat Dahuofang reservoir water. In the future, Shenyang will gradually stop using all groundwater sources of drinking water.

2017 water group will continue to start the construction of new water sources, Dahuofang reservoir water diversion project into two Shen planning, the project is in the early stages of design bidding, is expected to be completed within two years, implementation of water supply. According to reports, Shenyang water for industrial and residential water consumption. At present, the water supply structure of Shenyang is as follows: the total amount of water in Dahuofang reservoir is 2/3, and the groundwater 1/3. At present, Shenyang City, Tiexi District, Hunnan District in some areas, the use is not in Dahuofang reservoir water. The new project will allow more fresh water from Dahuofang reservoir into these areas.

haze era how to ensure the safety of drinking water? This is the topic of universal concern in the whole society, for which Shenyang gradually stop using all groundwater. At the same time, with the continuous construction of water, Shenyang city in the future will continue to achieve the goal of underground water with all closed, the groundwater only as a backup water source in Shenyang. In addition, the Shenyang water group in the implementation of three water quality monitoring at the same time, continue to increase the intensity of water quality monitoring, online water quality monitoring.

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