The Tang Dynasty is preserved in bloom the Millennium Temple Longquan Temple

wants to go to see the Tang Dynasty of the bloom, people are going to Nanjing, in a temple in Nanjing, but retained. Now is the season of plum, plum TuRui, bathed in the spring breeze, such as bright brocade, like clouds. Nanjing people know that the purple mountain plum mountain, Yuhuatai Mei Kong, west of the ancient forest park, Lishui’s Fu Jiabian is now the Nanjing plum appreciation resort.

Jiangning Longpan Suzhou Dengwei, Hangzhou, Xixi, all the plum, this is Gong Zizheng masterpiece "sick note Mei Museum" at the beginning. In the Qing Dynasty in the context of "Jiangning" refers to Nanjing now, thus, "Jiangning Longpan" and Suzhou Dengwei xiangxuehai Meilin, Hangzhou Xixi Meilin, were the famous plum good. "Jiangning Longpan" is where? Experts told reporters that the "long pan refers to the west of the city of Nanjing," in longpan".

is now the Longpan, could not find how much plum, but in local history notes, can be found on the record in Longpan plum. "Shicheng Zhi" contains: "Bo mountain, the mountain to a name. In Qing Dynasty, Tao Wenyi Gong Shu changed Bo Bo, the park on the rock for Taiwan, the crown house…… Zhongjiang Mei Garden 100 plant, Dengdao about four pines, the Yao Jiao teng."

Nanjing history scholars Yang Songtao, Qing Dynasty, Ming Chen Tao Shu Ren and the governor, in the area of planting plum hundred strains of Longpan in the west of Nanjing, making it a good plum. The scholar Zhang Runan wrote in the "Jiangnan", "Jiangnan excellent Ci, Gao Li Xia rest, a rugged stone squatting tiger leopard, four pine of this kind of snake winding, 100 plum", is depicted where Merlin scenery.

Qing Dynasty twenty years (1840), 49 year old Gong Zizheng came from Suzhou to Nanjing, stay for several months, had lived for a time in four near the foot of mountain pine an Bo in Longpan familiar with, it is also in Longpan plum, had cultivated plum bonsai in Longpan villagers. After leaving Nanjing, he wrote the famous prose "sick note Mei Museum", the "Mei" metaphor refers to the talent, from "disease Mei" production, popular, directed the feudal society to the distortion of human nature and talents in the depression, the expression of the pursuit of progressive ideas of individuality liberation.

plum has the ancient poet love plants, because there are not afraid of cold plum of the lofty spirit, let them leave the ancient works "is the oldest ancient c.praecox. In 90s, the Millennium Temple Longquan Temple rebuilt, restored to its historical style, the ancient Basilica is located in front of wintersweet is now the Longquan temple, the most prominent landscape.

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