Key to effective decentralization which entrepreneurs Business

now many entrepreneurs sit on the boss, not only need to help the operation and management of enterprises, and not all aspects of decentralization, and ultimately not only their own tired, may also make the development of enterprises is not satisfied. So, if you are an entrepreneur, you need to know how to decentralization. In fact, this is also a few tips can be mastered. So, what are the effective decentralization of entrepreneurs tips?

tip 1: don’t just ask "do you know"

managers habitually ask employees "do you understand?" Do you understand what I said?". In this case, many of the details still do not understand the employees will reflexively answer "know" and "understand", they don’t want to be in charge of look down on the spot.

tip two: clear performance indicators and deadlines

employees must be aware of what specific goals they must achieve in order to achieve their goals, and when to do so. Decentralization is not just to throw things to employees, but also to let him understand what managers expect.

tips three: decentralization should also be timely to smell

decentralization can not ignore, waiting for him to hold up the results. You may not have tight marking, but still have to pay attention to employee status, timely give "good", "that may be better" like some advice. If the task needs to be on time, you can also remind him of the progress and time.

tip four: for the next decentralization do review

each decentralization, the manager should find staff to discuss his performance in order to review the improvement. Tourism executives can also allow employees to describe what they learned in the process, and then with the management of their own observation of the situation, as a reference for the next decentralization.

tips five: decentralization is not necessarily an event

even if it is just a trivial matter again, can be decentralization, may not necessarily be a big plan, big plan, called decentralization. Especially for the new employees, from the small decentralization, they can train their responsible attitude, but also to establish their self-confidence.

tips six: first list and then decentralization

simple, supervisor can first make a list of what you need to do something every day, according to the "irreplaceable" and "importance" delete "non do not", the rest is "decentralization" list. It will be more systematic and organized.

tip seven: the limits of decentralization to >