How to open fishing shop business is good the whole

a lot of people like fishing, if you open a fishing gear shop, of course, is to meet the needs of the market, then open a fishing gear shop how good business? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

open fishing gear shop for more than two years, we have been trying to explore the experience, so that gradually on the scale. Fortunately, we start by two counter and a shelf, for now the development of the business area of 100 square meters, from the beginning don’t know what is "Xie rice", only to bait now there are hundreds of species; from the beginning of the customer to go a Shuaixia "fishing tackle Daquan, to what is not what" to the present customers door exclamation "fishing Daquan, all varieties really ah".

for these small achievements, we are pleased, how to open a fishing gear shop business? Also deeply inadequate: first, the store into the goods as well as the existence of the existence of a lot of deficiencies, and secondly, the store to guide the customer consumption there are many deficiencies. Because we are busy all day, greatly reducing the fishing time, fishing experience can not give customers a good guide.

especially in terms of feed ratio, and sometimes give customers some bait formula, the heart is not at the end, really feel ashamed and uneasy. How to open a fishing shop business good? In order to solve this problem, we specially sent to the headquarters of Yquem fishing training, to make up for this deficiency, I will spend more time to go fishing now.

to make the fishing tackle shop to survive and develop in the competition, also need to master the relevant skills, how to open fishing shop business is good? Here we elaborate some: one is to determine several brands of products, variety of goods without complex; two is to do some publicity in regional media, improve visibility; three is the number of games held regularly and fishing tackle manufacturers, build a platform for the fishing fishing friends to learn.

four is to engage in a number of promotions, such as allowing customers to spend a certain amount of money will be arrested once, how to open a fishing shop business good? Fishing two times can also free in stores contracting ponds; five is to improve the service attitude, management is not only a fishing tackle shop selling products, but also have good service, in order to achieve the "God" of all ages. The six is to subscribe to some fishing magazines and CDs, placed in a corner of the store shelf simple, free for fishing fish please.

a shop business is not impossible to do anything can be achieved, not to mention the current competition is so fierce in the community. If you want to open a fishing tackle shop of venture capital, hope these skills will help you in the store operation.