Jiake to jiamengfei is how much steak net

Western staple food in addition to bread are mostly steak, which can be seen through the consumption of Western restaurants. Furthermore, people’s consumption concept of health consumption is increasing, so the steak in the Chinese market sales will be popular, there is a very big market. Good customer to food chain Co., Ltd. to grow to today, 15 years of experience accumulation and accumulation of knowledge, has now formed a set of perfect pace of success and common sense wealth. An international, large-scale, diversified chain catering enterprises to do things in the community, in the near future will be a strong brand of steak. So how much does a good guest come to steak?

how much is a good guest to join the steak?

best guest to join the cost of steak is as follows:

joined the gold: reference to the different types of good guest steak, which joined Jin Dazhi in 1-10 million;

margin: margin is mainly used to restrict the moral behavior of franchisees, good customer to the steak will be returned to the contract after the expiration of the contract did not violate the quality of franchisees. Fees charged should be 1-5 million;

brand management fees: general annual charge, the cost should be around 10 thousand yuan / year.

best guest to join the characteristics of steak:

uniform material distribution: the production of food snacks, materials is very important. In particular, the formula of the product, the equipment of the product, the technology of the product, these will bring certain influence to the taste of the product. Join the good guest to steak, the project headquarters to provide you with a range of product materials, to protect the taste of franchise products!

fast logistics and distribution: Food and beverage store logistics, I do not have to say, we all understand the importance of it. Because the brand of food and beverage products, as well as other devices are very fast to use, if the logistics can not keep up, it will not be able to bring continued marketing. Join the good guest to steak, it brings us effective logistics services, so that our products have been constantly selling.

huge market sales: delicious delicious snacks, sales in the market are very fast. We all like this taste, love the taste. Join the good guest to steak, it provides us with professional product development, to bring you the updated product taste, help you firmly lock the consumer line of sight, to bring more market sales.

comprehensive marketing: brand to expand, it is necessary to choose a professional means of publicity. With a wide range of marketing, it is believed that everyone’s brand, our products will be able to get more promotion. Join the good guest to steak, the project headquarters to create advertising resources, we can use unlimited, to improve their own