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we ordinary people in the eyes of the catering industry is an industry is very popular, of course, there will be a lot of investors popped his head into the inside, but they do not know, because of the size of the fish food industry takes, so the mutual competition, when supply exceeds demand, market will appear many saturation. Businesses will face closure. This time you need to have a strength brand as their support. Thousands of old duck soup, with advanced management model, the company is also growing, brand awareness and influence, are gradually enhanced.

thousand old duck soup? How about joining?

thousand old duck soup with Beijing market 10 years of mature cooking, operating experience, has proved to be China’s most dynamic franchise brand. Thousand old duck soup with advanced professional temperature, and won the national patent control stove fundamental solution to the traditional soup of long time, production process cumbersome nutrition loss problems, health themed with nutrition as the foundation, is the most professional, the most authentic old duck soup shop shop.

All the dishes

1000 old duck soup shop are in pursuit of perfect and health combined, first must comply with the second pursuit of health; nutrition regulation, taking into account the modern people’s eating habits, soup ingredients can effectively regulate body nutrient saturation; third materials stress, a poem: "warm Beijing roast duck simmered the soup spoon dish exquisite material is king, is the time-honored Chinese delicacy signs, Beijing a little half a day wasted money two.

Pay attention to the degree of

visible 1000 old duck soup ingredients, is the package material in only one flavor a little money weight wasted two days cooking firewood in the poem, mass consumption also 1000 old duck soup is also pursuing a luxurious and expensive view, let everyone eat the fourth is to eat, beauty; health, natural spice extracts and fine combination of fire duck, the health and delicious phase synchronization, not only to taste the beauty, beauty and texture.

no matter what food brands, want to do a good job, it is necessary to have their own characteristics, there is no feature of things, it is difficult to stand on the market. What’s more, today’s food and beverage market, the competitiveness is relatively large, is the soul of a brand, is indispensable. Thousands of old duck soup, and other food and beverage brands, is to highlight their own characteristics, to bring people different tastes.


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