Business can not ignore the small profit Business

is now a lot of people are the heart of high gas, a lot of money not to earn money, but also disdain. In fact, if you really want to do their business bigger, we can not ignore the small profit. Only all aspects of the work to be done in place, small profits can often bring very rich wealth, thus giving operators a huge return.

Xia Jinyun from Zhengzhou learned that foreign trade units often have some processing work, because he just hasn’t done a single foreign trade business of the bag company small boss, encounter cold treatment. Struggling to adhere to the first half of the year, a manager finally relented, to his list is obscure "wiping cloth".

Xia Jinyun did not because of the small business on the neglect, he immediately called his wife, carey wipe the specifications of the table cloth, style description of some, so she quickly do a sample at home. The second day, when the summer golden sample on the front of the manager was moved by his sincerity.

get orders, golden summer nonstop back, he borrowed 20 thousand dollars from relatives and friends, bought 20 sewing machines out of others, in a nearby primary school rented two old classrooms, and the recruitment of more than 20 laid-off workers, will be put into production wildly beating gongs and drums. By early 1993, his small workshop has been developed from the 20 sewing machines to the 40, the staff has doubled. Now the old summer business has become more and more prosperous, the factory is also more and more big.

I am afraid that others will not think of such a small order, but also to create such a high wealth, so that Xia Jinyun’s business can get such a big development, to make such a scale. So, if you want to really make a good business, we need to pay attention to the small rise, so as to make their business to be more long-term operation.