Ten electric welding machine brand ranking

heavy industry is an aspect of social development is the key, in the development of heavy industry of electric welding machine is important equipment, has a wide range of uses, whether large shipbuilding enterprises, industrial and mining enterprises and construction enterprises is an indispensable tool of electric welding machine. The welder is used for welding material, when in use is charged, especially some small construction units to buy cheap electric welding machine in order to save costs, the use of prone to cause electric shock, fire, sealing off phenomenon at the construction site of the bad environment, will endanger the personal safety and property safety. Here and make up a small look at the top ten welding machine brand list!

1, Panasonic Panasonic: in 1918, Japan, the world’s leading electrical and electrical brands, large joint ventures, domestic electric welding machine industry leader, Tangshan Matsushita Industrial Machinery Co., ltd..

2, reallink: Guangdong province famous trademark, Shenzhen famous brand, the field of domestic welding equipment leading enterprises, national high-tech enterprise, Shenzhen riland industry Limited by Share Ltd.

3, the times TIME: Beijing famous brand products, well-known domestic welding machine brand, mechanical and electrical industry influence brand, high-tech enterprises, listed companies, Beijing times Polytron Technologies Inc.

4LINCOLN Lincoln: from the United States, a hundred years of electrical brand, the world’s leading manufacturer of welding equipment, the world’s largest brand, large multinational companies, Shanghai Lincoln Electric Co., ltd..

5, Christie JASIC: Guangdong province famous trademark, independent research and development / production / sales of the national high-tech enterprises, well-known brand, Shenzhen jasic Polytron Technologies Inc.

6, Shanghai workers: Shanghai famous brand, Shanghai famous brand, high-tech enterprises, large welding and cutting equipment production base, Shanghai Shanghai welding industry group Limited by Share Ltd.

7, OTC oudixi: founded in 1913 in Japan, the world’s leading manufacturer of welding equipment, welding technology industry leading enterprises, the world famous brand, oudixi electromechanical: Shanghai. Limited company。

8, Kell Tatsu: national high-tech enterprises, China’s well-known trademarks, well-known trademarks in Zhejiang, Zhejiang famous brand products, welding equipment, the leading enterprises in the field, Kell Da Group Co., ltd..

9, general TAYOR: set production / research / training as one of the large enterprise groups, Shanghai high tech enterprises, electric welding machine industry leading enterprises, Shanghai general heavy industry group Co., ltd..

10, okuta: inverter of the largest welding equipment manufacturing enterprises, famous brand in Shandong Province, the national key high-tech enterprise, Shandong Aotai Electric Co. ltd..

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