Car solar film what errors the whole

under normal circumstances, the car in order to better maintain some of the film will be affixed to the sun, but not all of the solar film can be posted, then the car paste the sun film what are the errors? Xiao Bian for us to do some of the introduction, I hope you can help.

error 1, the front windshield choose to add heat absorbent product

in fact, our country does have regulatory requirements, the front film transmittance to reach more than 70%. Compared with the vehicle side window explosion-proof film insulation requirements of ultraviolet light, the car should pay attention to the sun film? Clarity and safety are the basic requirements for the front diaphragm. Some of the film in front of the mixed with colored particles or heat absorbing substances such as the material, such as the eyes of people doped with foreign matter to see things like aliasing, driving safety. Therefore, do not choose to choose the front membrane, such as the addition of endothermic products.

error 2, the effect of good color insulation

many owners think instinctively that film color is deeper, better heat resistance. This is not the case, the car should pay attention to the sun film? Some of the poor black tea paper can not play the purpose of blocking heat.

when sunlight strikes the film when the whereabouts of heat can be divided into three parts: penetration, absorption, reflection. Car to the sun film to pay attention to what? The heat absorbed in it may radiate inward, or it may radiate. Therefore, the heat insulation rate of the film is the car film reflection and absorption of radiation after the sum of the total heat.

error 3, the color of shallow means high definition

Whether the

film is clear or not is determined by the material and the manufacturing process of the film. Some films, although colorless and transparent, can always give people the feeling that there seems to be water. Car to the sun film to pay attention to what? Look at the time for a long time, there is a feeling of dizziness, but not as deep as the color of the explosion-proof membrane clear. The result of this phenomenon, because although some light transmission rate of the film is good, but also joined the endothermic agent or pigment particles, these particles or when the light by reflection or refraction, produces physical reaction, so people are feeling dizzy.

in general, the film is to be carried out in the interior, the car should pay attention to the sun film? Otherwise, the film process once the blowing sand or fine dust soil will be stuck in the middle of the film and glass, resulting in dense dirty spots, affect the vision and the effect of diaphragm.

The above is about the

car solar film need attention, I hope everyone in this regard to a lot of attention, only to the detailed understanding, so as to correct the stuck solar film, if you want to know more, to consult!