Small Western style food stores have good investment prospects

different people is not the same for the delicacy demand of western people in the diet is that there is a great difference between the western restaurant, the impression is tall, in order to make money faster, now many investors choose to join the project Western-style food. Because the west to join the project to make money fast, and back to the fast, many entrepreneurs are the ideal project. So invest in small Western food store to make money? What about investment?

open a small western style food store to make money? Small western restaurant needs to invest:

rent, the price depends on the location, as well as the size of the area, pay attention to this part of the budget is best to take into account some homeowners require tenants to pay half a year’s rent;

decoration, depends on the decoration of the grade and style, as well as the raw materials used, and so on, please pay attention to this part of the budget, I will also be in the dining room tables and chairs;

manual, depending on the size of the restaurant and personnel distribution, etc.;

equipment, which includes the kitchen equipment and the necessary equipment for the front office, such as the kitchen stove, the front desk tableware, coffee machines, piano, etc.;

reserves of raw materials, the first month of the general reserve budget to count a bit, because all the material needed to buy in this month, the next month will be a little less, refers to the lack of what goods will fill what, the reserves of raw materials according to the budget you made the recipe to calculate;

fixed expenditure budget, which includes water, electricity, gas, telephone charges, related management costs, such as health management fees, land tax, etc.;

unforeseen expenditure budget, this part can be based on the situation in different regions;

related fees, including the budget for the business license, health license, etc.;

In fact,

business is very good, if you want to start a business you can try it in this industry, small Western-style food stores make money? In this part of the budget, you’d better budget budget for the first three months of investment, because investment you is not certain about all occurred in the head for a week, but one by one in the first three months, but the worst is that there is no revenue in the first three months, but this situation is very common, because you can’t open it profitable, so make sure your expenses cost of the previous three months, so that it can ensure the normal operation of you.

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