Chengdu issued on the bike sharing management policy

sharing bicycle to people’s lives has brought convenience, whether it is time to go to work, or holidays, people will think of sharing bicycles, so that more people feel convenient, it is worth the people. Chengdu recently issued a policy to support the sharing of bicycles, to win the attention of all sectors of society.

at the end of February, Chengdu city center shared bicycle put the total reached 300 thousand units, the cumulative service of more than 30 million people, the average daily use frequency is about 4 times." Liu Bing, director of the Chengdu Municipal Transportation Committee said, sharing cycling is a useful supplement of city public transportation, "issued opinions is to make this new thing to avoid weaknesses, promote its healthy and orderly development."

In the

‘s regulations on the sharing of bicycles in Chengdu, people will be concerned about the regulations governing the sharing of bicycles and businesses. On the sharing of bicycle business enterprises also made clear requirements: the management of the development of civilized car reward and punishment system; maintenance requirements to improve the processing speed of the vehicle failure; safety requirements on the user’s real name and take advantage of the third party settlement.

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