Hefei elevator has its own identity

in Hefei, many elevators have their own identity cards, to ensure people’s safety. Hefei City elevator emergency platform officially put into trial operation in Hefei City special inspection center, people take the elevator when a failure occurs, you can call 96366 telephone lines, according to the elevator "Id" information to start the rescue mechanism.

With the rapid development of urban construction, the rapid growth of the number of elevators in Hefei, as of the end of last year, a total of 5 units of more than. In the future, when people take the elevator encounter trouble, according to each elevator only identity information, 24 hours to call the "96366" hotline.


elevator safety information center staff after receiving the call, according to the 7 lift 96366 label identification code or address, by location, elevator GIS geographic information system positioning elevator property management company and contract maintenance units, quickly to rescue the trapped passengers out.

with the emergency rescue system continue to improve, Hefei will achieve coverage, all-weather, the whole process of the elevator emergency rescue, greatly shorten the time of passengers trapped in the elevator emergency rescue mechanism, build the social and professional, to realize the elevator emergencies "rapid response, quick dispatch at the same time, fast rescue, maintenance personnel can effectively control the annual maintenance equipments through the platform, and improve the quality of elevator maintenance.

people in the elevator, the general will be concerned about the safety of the elevator, only to establish their own information management, will win people’s recognition. Hefei elevator emergency rescue system platform is a big data + elevator safety, high-tech platform, help to promote the public security of the elevator socialization, standardization.

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