How will this day pie Brand

in Taiwan shortly before the Internet was named the first Chinese delicacy, visible Taiwan delicacy an important position in the Chinese in mind, Taiwan natural delicacy project today to introduce beyond count, only a day — the pie.

days will be pie, the sun shines on the fertile land! In the Taiwan Taitung area, so day pie is a fertile land of the sun shining Paiwan language "". According to legend, towering over the mountains from Pingtung Paiwanese Dawu Mountain, migrate to the East, came to the "sunrise" is the later Taitung "days will be pie". Every year in April, when the golden flowers bloom all over the mountains and plains, the beautiful day will be like the Paiwan girl pure smile trance people intoxicated. The Ye Wencai couple with self collected natural ingredients in forty years ago, has developed a unique formula, the traditional Taiwan days will be improved to a famous name smell pie day’s pie, a small shop had hit an amazing record single day to sell more than 1 thousand diners, be read today. So how will the pie join?

days will pie this brand? What need to meet the conditions for joining? How to join you to see the following Xiaobian for you:

days will join the pie conditions:

1, recognized days will be pie products

2, with a certain resources

3, with certain venture capital

4, with a certain market insight

5, able to comply with the headquarters management

days will join the pie process:

1, through the to understand the basic situation of the project

2, headquarters invited franchisees to visit

3, franchisee submitted application materials

4, headquarters audit through

5, headquarters unified training

6, location

7, decoration

8, trial business

9, the official business

days to join the pie advantage:

easy to use, no professional chef, no fumes, fast meals, the whole worry free mode of operation, no experience, low risk, quick, high profit