How much money is needed to join Jing Ren pie

food and beverage through the franchise to allow the spread of specialty food to all over the world, this form of food so that there is no national boundaries and geographical restrictions, but also to make food and beverage industry, one of the ways. Join now is a popular form of money mode, this shop has its own advantages, to make all kinds of delicious food, to spread all over the world, make people even in different areas, can also taste the delicacy. However, it has its own shortcomings, join the market chaos, the franchisee difficult for these companies to choose, and the people of the area are different eating habits, has led to some seemingly promising projects, and ultimately suffered serious losses. However, due to the price of King pie more unified, so the king has become a pie in the presence of a different.

How much money do you need to join


king of the pie is how much money to join entrepreneurs to open a king of the pie shop needs to invest the capital of 5-10 million. The cost of the main store rent, renovation costs, the cost of equipment in the store, raw materials procurement costs, wages and other costs of personnel costs, etc.. King of the type of pie to join more, the size of the shop requires different, so there will be some specific shop costs. Entrepreneurs can be combined with their own economic situation to determine the type of King pie pie.

King earth pie join support as follows:

site selection support: headquarters to assist the location of each store, on-site visits, assessment to help investors make the right decisions.

planning support: to ensure the unity of the image of the store, the shop will be a unified standard design, planning, decoration.

training support: to assist the staff job responsibilities pre job training, post supervision, inspection, regular guidance on the dishes, cakes and porridge.

follow-up support: headquarters regularly develop new products, to ensure that the product is constantly updated, all matching items and special semi-finished products from the headquarters of centralized procurement, unified distribution, reduce investment and operating costs, to ensure the quality advantage.

advertising support: to provide investors with promotional strategies, the implementation of promotional advertising coverage plan, so that the brand image has been improved, give play to the brand effect.

joined Jing Ren pie is not expensive, and unified decoration, now in the three or four line of the city Chinese relatively broad market prospects, which makes this project is now becoming popular, many franchisees in the message, said Jing Ren pie joined the reasonable price, and broad market prospect, willing to invest in this, become one of the franchisee.

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