Pickles ten brands list the whole

for pickles, I believe that the Chinese people will not be unfamiliar, because it is almost every Chinese family will have some food on the table. And it is precisely because of such a market in China, will make China’s big market has a lot of pickles brand. Here, let us work together to understand the top ten brands of pickles, look at China’s big market in the end what is the brand of pickles.

ten pickles brand ranking NO.1, Liubiju: founded in 1530, the state trademark protection, the focus of leading enterprises of agricultural industry of Beijing, the Chinese time-honored enterprises, Beijing Liubiju Food Co. ltd..

NO.2 list of ten brands of pickles, pickles: Jade hall was built in 1714 with more than and 300 years of history, the Chinese time-honored, Shandong province famous trademarks, brand-name products in Shandong Province, Shandong Yutang pickled vegetables limited liability company.

NO.3 list of ten brands of pickles, Huai Mao pickles: China Time-honored Brand, famous brand in Hebei Province, in the year 1671 has three hundred years of history, the provincial intangible cultural heritage, Hebei Baoding Huaimao Co. ltd..

ten pickles brand rankings, NO.4 three and Simei: founded in the first year of Jiaqing (1796), the Chinese time-honored, Jiangsu provincial intangible cultural heritage, the famous trademark of Jiangsu Province, Yangzhou three and Simei pickles Co. ltd..

ten pickles brand ranking NO.5, Tianyuan Jiangyuan: founded in 1869, the Chinese time-honored, domestic pickles condiment industry leading enterprises, very famous brand sweet pickle, Beijing Liubiju Food Co. ltd..

pickles ten brands list NO.6, the state Saint: national protection trademark, Fujian famous brand, agricultural industrialization provincial key leading enterprises, Fujian province famous brand, Fujian red sun boutique Co., ltd..

ten pickles brand ranking NO.7, Guang Le: national protection of trademarks, brand-name products in Sichuan, Sichuan Province focus on the industrialization of agriculture leading enterprises, well-known brand pickles, Sichuan Pengzhou Guangle Food Co. ltd..

NO.8 list of ten brands of pickles, gold vegetable: national protection of trademark, the famous brand of Anhui Province, private technology enterprises in Anhui Province, the agricultural industrialization of advanced enterprises, Ma’anshan City, Huang Chi food (Group) Co., ltd..

pickles ten brands list NO.9, sea card: was founded in 1956, Yunnan province famous brand, the Chinese old brand enterprises, agricultural industrialization management provincial key leading enterprises, Yunnan Tonghai pickles factory.

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