Join the project aristocrats Huangshi steak steak how net

steak to join the selection of aristocratic imperial steak? What are the advantages? Look at the following Xiaobian for you:

noble Royal steak join process

headquarters to investigate whether the franchisee’s own conditions are:

1, can accept the noble imperial steak unified management model, with the nobility of the emperor’s development, management, business philosophy;

2, to comply with the rules and regulations of the franchise stores and the implementation of the franchise contract, together with the nobility of the Royal brand responsible;

3, with a certain degree of cultural quality, professionalism and a certain degree of store management capabilities, with a strong sense of service catering industry;

4, with certain economic strength, good reputation and social exchange resources;

5, the management of the store to ensure that the heart of the input, can accept the headquarters of the continuous skills training.

two fill in the letter of intent to join;

three detailed understanding of the rules and franchise chain contract, the headquarters began to join the service program.

four shop, a comprehensive analysis of the feasibility of selected district headquarters. All sites must be sent by the headquarters investigation comprehensive feasibility analysis before, but not as the only standard of profit. Travel expenses and accommodation. , deducted from the.

five signed a contract to define the rights and obligations of both parties.

six store design decoration

1, the store by the headquarters of the Department of decoration engineering uniform design, the effect of the map in order to ensure the unity of the Royal emperor brand image. Requirements of the headquarters of the headquarters of the construction of the unified construction of the project, the franchisee only need to monitor the quality of the project and acceptance.

seven free training

1, according to the training manual for system training. Management training, training and skills training, restaurant management, service etiquette and personnel quality training.

2, appointed by the headquarters manager, chef, director and other staff to investors in store in the store within 1 months, and at the same time training franchise management team and technical team, investors can also be sent to the headquarters of 1-2 people Zhiyingdian training.

eight for business license