Content is king is further confirmed in the noble baby new algorithm


this is before the adjustment of the distribution of

algorithm to adjust the nobility baby news reports, caused widespread concern in the website optimization and search engine marketing industry circle. The most striking is known as "content farms" and "internal noble baby panda action" algorithm. Shenzhen website www.ruanyouhua贵族宝贝 is the algorithm in the adjustment of income. This is a new station, what almost no external links, but its rich content, original content, the strength of many old station keywords Shenzhen website optimization into the Google home page first position force. This noble baby algorithm in the optimization of adjustment expected, but did not think it would come so soon. This is mainly affected by the long-term no one care website content is not updated in a timely manner, lack of original content site. read more

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Do three kinds of chain related to the premise of the site

2. forum, forum to promote the effective and necessary.


collection forum account, then the maintenance of the forum account, a part of the Forum on the construction of the chain is relatively large, a good forum, there is a huge chain output, is also very easy to interact, is the most love spider climb places, the forum here, so please focus on the use of favorable forum the forum now link is not very easy, very easy to be deleted, but can feel some interesting things to write, take to care for the link, rather than arbitrary AD, remember to see a you write in the bottom in a forum, this article finally why a not related links, then I return to this is a typical AD, this. read more

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The original content or ranking will rise in the spring to do the webmaster

It is reported that Shanghai

second: the spark plan is specific to what the industry

: the first spark plan recognition of original content accuracy rate of

to identify whether the original content is very difficult, almost two sites also released the same article, love Shanghai algorithm how to distinguish this article who is the original? If love Shanghai has a collection of two articles. This judgment, if love Shanghai is not included in this article two site the sea or love? The first included an article reproduced, because the weight of the site reproduced is relatively high, but the real first time release site original weight is relatively low. In a word, love Shanghai unless the spider crawling speed is very fast, otherwise it is very difficult to judge an article which is the site of the original, original algorithm must be error, this is how much accuracy but no ground for blame, love Shanghai Xinghuo plan recognition of original content. I am afraid only to collect a lot of data, and then to approximate this ratio, the error of love after Shanghai is sure to reduce the algorithm, the real high-quality original content ranking. read more

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Give two reasons to love Shanghai products chain

2, Shanghai love their products: "milk is Baidu" or "widdy"

love Shanghai really recently is mustering the strength on the user experience, for dumps and combat cheating has been too horrible to look at. Love Shanghai so high user experience requirements for each website administrator is proposed, if their product’s user experience is not done well, how can serve the world? A house does not sweep, sweep the world! So it started to clean up the garbage site and cheating sites, will first start from their own products to among them, the link is a very important check item > read more

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A website to optimize multiple keywords

it is usually the most important keywords on the home page. In other words second on each column or channel. If we have a long tail keywords, belongs to the class of third, can be used to optimize the content of the page.

two is not on the front page, it’s actually the opposite, two keywords should appear on the home page, because these words will strengthen the role of the main keywords.

this keyword optimization distribution, the website will have a strong logical and semantic system, such as Pyramid. The home page is your most want to place the word, but also the most difficult words. Whether it is from the entire site or from semantic links, keywords are outstanding home. Two word distribution read more

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Love Shanghai love Shanghai index weight calculation method for traffic volume as the standard

If you often go to

love Shanghai "

Gu Fangyuan has recently come into contact with a lot of Shanghai dragon ER station, there are a considerable number of their website, and is living in the site of profit, the majority of owners monthly income of only a few hundred to 2000 yuan, very little more than 2000 yuan a month or more, the owners of these include the Beijing Shanghai dragon, Changsha Shanghai Phoenix competition index is not low in Shanghai love home, but Gu Fangyuan and talk to them that they don’t know much of love Shanghai weight calculation method, even to just Shanghai Longfeng content and link optimization, every day they are repeating the same work, every day is to different places. The anchor text links, most of them and I said, like Beijing Shanghai dragon day popular keywords should be stable on the first page, must insist on sending dozens to 200 every day Here I feel unequal, strange! Why do they know Shanghai, equal to the external link! But it’s really not so, I think more about the Shanghai dragon is a kind of strategy, instead of repeating work, the Shanghai dragon ER do will be very tired, link to speak skills, like send a link to high quality than the 10 low quality links are much stronger, there is the original content of the update is the website have long-term vitality of the security, Gu Fangyuan also give these income is not too ideal to master several solutions, sincerely wish they have a better harvest, do not say words. The following say right now, read more

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On the release of the chain general priority principle

here first and you say sorry, because ha IT still have work to do, put the "extensive principle" and "user experience" principle together, to do extensive, not only to choose when the chain is more and more widely different websites to do. Also when the chain anchor text to extensive, not always a word, the form of the chain should be wide, can not open the anchor text, so as to put the wide best, user experience is mainly from the user point of view to do outside the chain, not for ranking, to do the chain some deception nature to deceive users to click and search engines crawl, but this time the site could pick up, but out of the mix always has, is not conducive to the development of the website account, and is fatal, so the chain is released to Kennedy > read more

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This is the stage of this new station in Shanghai Longfeng share

2, included in the snapshot included two weeks

ER was born in Shanghai dragon road, will be good at it.

general line on the website are not included, to study experience in 7-30 days (Google called the sandbox), this stage mainly do is to adjust the content of the web site, the layout of a good Shanghai Longfeng internal frame. In addition, also need to update the content, because not included doesn’t mean the search engines don’t crawl.

on the author’s personal experience as an example, combined with the new printing Xpress mall, share a new station in several processes that must be experienced in the process of Shanghai dragon. read more

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Website optimization is a lasting war

The contents of

the network to a battlefield, site optimization is a battle, in this battle have failed, some people were injured, one victory, the fight is the endurance, the fight is the ability to resist, so the website optimization is a lasting war.

site is composed of one page, but the search engine spiders love shock updated site, when a new page is generated, the search engine will continue to send spider web crawling page snapshot will be updated. If the site a few days not update, search engines will be aware of your site can be updated once every few days, every few days will turn to the site; if the search engine that did not update the site a month, he may have once a month, but found no update your website for 2 months. The search engine will think site has no one to manage, we may no longer do not come, then the snapshot will stop, ranking also disappeared. read more

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The website snapshot of the day into the original so simple

said the website snapshot is many webmaster concern is to check the rankings included and snapshot every time you turn on the computer first thing. At the forum, said: "I always see many webmaster website snapshot of how has not been updated," the website snapshot slow or correction. ". Some time snapshot one or two days slow webmaster will be very anxious, post everywhere to ask what is the cause. I am a baby car website also is such, yesterday in the change Links been discussed at the snapshot too slow but the other one refused. I do it a few months time, the snapshot weight did not know what a rookie, huh.. Oh. Ask them to give you some old Adsense words do not understand to love Haicha. When the love of Shanghai to find a lot of information about a few points: read more

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