Ángela Sosa: “The Super Cup is a great step for women’s football”

first_imgIt’s been a turbulent season at Atleti, what’s wrong with the team?We must assess what the staff has done in recent years. We were very affected by the change of the first coach. However, I think we are flying and it is important for everything that comes to us now.She is the top scorer of the team …It has cost us the start and, above all, to score goals, which in the end is very important to keep us as in recent years.Has the changing room changed the chip with Dani González?I think that in the last three months we had lost what had characterized us so much in recent seasons, that it was the fight. In the end Dani is going to try to recover this and I think that in a short time he is showing that this feeling has put us back in vein.How do you rate the tie in the Classic?For us it was not positive. It is not easy to come from a bad dynamic and stand up to a club like that, with a new coach.Do they give the League for loss?We do not take anything for lost. Despite not having the best start, we are alive in Super Cup, Cup, Champions and League.From Classic League to Supercup, how do they face it?They are very intense matches. It is a very exciting game. Playing against Barça is always beautiful.What do you think of Barça?He has always had very good players. It is one of the best teams in Europe. And of the Super Cup?It’s a competition that the boys had and we didn’t understand very well why we didn’t have it. So this Spanish Super Cup is a step forward in women’s football.New competitions arrive, but the agreement resists …We try to stay out, but we are a bit outraged. A signature was promised that has not yet arrived and we are waiting. At Atleti we are very fortunate because we have all rights covered, but we must put ourselves in the shoes of other companions. Therefore, we are here to fight and make women’s football professional.What does it mean for you to wear the Atleti shield?For me Atlético is heart. Here I have matured as a person and as a footballer. That is why Atleti is life for me.As described?I am very familiar. Although they call me vinegar in the locker room, I’m quite a clown.How do you see your future?I’m training as a coach and I’ve always had teams in the afternoon. It is something that fills me a lot.Could we be before the future Atleti coach?Yes (laughs). In the future who knows.What dream do you have as a footballer?To be able to make a competition with the shirt of my country and keep winning titles to take this club to the top.Did it hurt a lot not to go to the World Cup?It has not been a pleasant summer, but you have to accept it and support it from home.last_img read more

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